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Versus All Kinds of Assault

Darshita Goyal has just finished her 12th grade and will start her B.A degree at Azim Premji University where she will be studying English, History and Philosophy. She is very passionate about social activism and philanthropy and uses her writing as a platform to voice [...]Read more

Handle with Care

Renita Siqueira is currently pursuing her third year of BMM in Mumbai. She has been an avid reader since childhood. Being a creative person, she enjoys art and craft and makes cards for family and friends and paints t-shirts. Movies, books and listening to music are a part of her [...]Read more


Nidhisha Korishettar “I am a soul on fire, a warrior at peace, and a burning light that won’t fade away.” __________________________________________________________________________________________ Survival ….. To all the women out there who are stronger than the demons [...]Read more

A Tale of Two Indias

Anushka Gole is an MA candidate in the Communication and Development studies program at Ohio University. Prior to joining the madness called graduate school, she worked as a Communications Manager at Atma, an education non-profit based in Mumbai. She loves writing, learning [...]Read more


Nidhisha- “I am a soul on fire, a warrior at peace, and a burning light that won’t fade away.” Nidhisha is a blogger volunteering with Safecity, she is an active contributor to ‘The Writer’s Movement.’ Empty I entered the room to find her sitting on the dining table sipping from [...]Read more

Don’t Blame It On Me

“You’re not allowed to leave the home after 8 p.m.” her father shouted the words at her. They hit her like a sharp blade. “But why?” she asked desperately, even though in her heart, she knew the answer. “Because you’re a girl and this city is unsafe for girls at night.” His [...]Read more

Speak Up

Hey reader! Do me a favour and just shut your eyes for a moment. And think about how much has changed in the past fifty years in this country. From lungis to trousers, from ghagras to hot pants- there has been a huge transition, hasn’t there? Well. Allow me to burst your [...]Read more

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