Safecity Tweetchats


Benevolent Sexism

On 7th July, 2017 Monk Prayogshala @monkprayogshala conducted a Tweetchat on Benevolent Sexism. The chat began by first discussing what exactly was benevolent sexism to clear everyone’s thoughts on it and to make those participants aware, who didn’t know. The [...]Read more

How does safety impact access to education

On 16th June, Sharda Vishwanathan @visharda conducted a Tweetchat on the necessity of providing safe education to all. The chat began by discussing the various factors that restrict young girls from accessing education and also those factors that create a hostile learning [...]Read more

Stop Child Labour

On 9th June, Pratham Council for Vulnerable Children @PrathamPCVC conducted a tweetchat creating awareness of the prevalence of child labour even today and what we, as individuals and society, can do to stop it. The chat began with a straightforward question asking the audience [...]Read more

Role of Government in Eliminating Street Harassment

On 26th May, Sharda Vishwanathan @visharda conducted a TweetChat on the Role of the Government in Eliminating Street Harassment. The chat began by urging the audience to think of ways through which the Government can help eliminate street harassment going on to ask whether any of [...]Read more

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