Child Sexual Abuse and the hurt it causes


Sonia Rathore a student of forensics is currently pursuing her Masters. She is a firm supporter of “Gender Equality” and believes that everyone has their own sense of self-dignity that earns respect. She is an animal lover and has always excelled in academics and all other curricular activities. Born with a knack for writing and steered by the zeal of interest, this young blogger has a great craving for scribbling on pages and voicing it out wherever she feels is appropriate and required. Sonia believes that some day she would be able to change few norms of society and eradicate the social evils that are on the prowl, after all little efforts can bring a lot of changes!

Child Sexual Abuse and the hurt it causes

India is counted as one of the traditional and cultural countries in the world. But what culture do we have when women and children are raped in the broad daylight? Why don’t Indians raise their voice against those molesters?Why does the culture and tradition not come into play when children are molested?

Child rape is one of the most heinous crime that can ever be committed. There are numerous incidences that keep occurring every day but sadly few them come to light. A child under 16 is molested every 155 minutes, and a child under 10 is raped every 13 hours. Shockingly, most of the children are raped by their acquaintances or caregivers. Domestic abuse is even more common and has affected 40% of married women aged between 15 and 49, out of which 70% are child brides.

Recently there was a case, where a 10-year old girl delivered a child which belonged to her uncle(paternal). The child didn’t even realise that she had become a mother at such an early age. Even the schools have become an unsafe place for the children due to perpetrators and paedophiles. There are many instances where children have been raped brutally at schools. Child marriage is deeply rooted in Indian society. Till today in the rural and tribal areas, girls get married at an early age which is not acceptable and takes a toll on their future. The Supreme Court has recently passed an order saying that sex with girls under the age of 18 shall be considered as rape and even if those girls are married off at an early age they are free to lodge a complaint against such activities.

However, these days a lot of measures are being taken by the government such as launching 24/7 helplines, opening care centres – where victims are taken care of and provide crisis counselling, spreading awareness by organizing general programs on “prevention of child rape”. Apart from being a physical torment, child rape also affects the child emotionally and psychologically. Hopefully, with the support of Indian court, NGOs and social workers, there will be a change and perhaps an end to this social evil of “Child Rape”.

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