Our inspiration

We strongly believe that all women have the right to live safely, irrespective of which city they stay in. We also believe that a woman should be able to move around without fear or distress; without having to calculate which road she has to travel on so that she will be safe; without having to worry about the clothes she wears or the people she is with.

In a nutshell, a woman has the right to believe her city is safe!

We propose that we PIN THE CREEPS! We all share our little experiences; upload our horrid stories, the photographs or the videos and most importantly the location where it happened.

SAFE CITY is a project that helps to identify locations where women have experienced or witnessed any type of sexual harassment - verbal comments, graphic behavior, menace… anything. By starting this project we wish to highlight a serious social issue and we believe we are taking a step towards changing the way our society thinks and reacts. In time we hope it will lead to a safe and non-violent environment for all.

SAFE CITY is an information aggregation platform to help identify hotspots in a city where abuse has been reported. This platform only provides information based on voluntary unverified reports.

This should not be taken as a substitute or replacement for the law enforcement process. This will only be successful if people come out and pin the creeps who are harassing us on the roads. If we upload photos and videos, we will gather momentum with substantial amount of data and proof of what is happening on the roads today. This is a cycle – the more we pin, the more information will pour in, hotspots will be created.

We wish to re-emphasise that this is not a substitute or replacement for the law enforcement process.

Who are we?

We are a group of like-minded citizens who strongly believe that we have the right to live in a safe society. We believe that this can only be achieved if we work together with all sections of society and agencies involved. We draw our inspiration from other people around the world who believe in the same thing we do and have created various such platforms to enable a safe city.


Founding Members

Saloni Malhotra is the founder of DesiCrew, a for-profit organization employing over 300 people that's focused on creating knowledge-based livelihood opportunities in small towns and rural areas. An engineer from Pune University, she previously worked with WebChutney, an interactive media start-up. Her initiatives at DesiCrew have been acknowledged with several awards such as TiE Stree Shakti, Business in Development, Manthan Award and Sankalp.

ElsaMarie D'Silva is an experienced aviation professional who is interested in bringing about social change to improve the lives of women, youth and senior citizens through awareness, interaction and education. Safecity.in is the first of her social projects.

Surya Bansal works for a consultancy company and Safecity.in is the first social project she has co-founded. She is very passionate about the cause and she believes that every woman has a right to live safe. Her dream- every city in India should become a "Safecity”

Aditya Kapoor is a Technology Enthusiast/Entrepreneur with a background in game development. He currently runs his own startup "Media Is You", a platform for creating live TV and radio stations.

Other Members

Roselin Dey holds a Masters degree in Natural Resource Management and is currently working with a sustainability consulting firm in New Delhi. She specialises in knowledge dissemination, program management and communication in the field of sustainability. Over the past few years, she has been engaged in leading multiple environmental projects and has been recognized at several national and international fora. Roselin is passionate about working on environmental and social issues and wishes to create a positive change through her work.

Mabel Abraham started her career in the development sector with an NGO engaged in building awareness on the UN Declaration Rights of Children. She moved to the Corporate sector, and since over a decade has worked across functions involving various dimensions of Employee wellness and welfare and promoting workplace wellness and well being. Currently she is responsible for the Corporate Social Initiatives of one of India’s leading engineering companies and is responsible for strategizing, planning and facilitating the organizations community engagements.

Nancy Soares lives in Mumbai and has been a flight attendant for more than 13 years. Loves reading, travelling, sight seeing and arts & crafts. She recently opened an online store to sell handmade crafts. She is also a budding photographer. She would like to live in a society free of violence and discrimination; a society where women are treated with respect.

Supreet Singh - Born in an army household Supreet has grown up across the country, travelling the length and breadth of it, absorbed in the spirit of national integration. Her Kashmiri roots and a nomadic childhood have only made her more Indian than anything else. A postgraduate in Marketing & International Business, her career has spanned a decade of being part of the corporate world from United Breweries to Kingfisher Airlines. She currently heads an export house in Mumbai. A voracious reader, she is a yoga instructor who indulges in words and visual impressions.

Shilpika Das is currently working as a Communications specialist for a multinational firm in Mumbai. She has worked with the American Red Cross in Washington, DC., as an International Communications Associate, promoting the organization's campaigns abroad. She specialized in using, adapting, and managing social media tools for use in community building, public relations and public services. Shilpika was also awarded the Reuters Fellowship and worked as a commodities reporter for the Reuters’ in Washington DC.

Priyanka has an MBA and comes with digital marketing experience and manages product development. With immense interest in social media marketing, she manages social media for major brands, musicians and restaurants. Prior to Traveller Kids, she worked in Webchutney. The No.1 Digital Agency in India. Besides work, she loves shopping and dogs

Shitij, an engineer from Pune University and an alumnus of Stanford India BioDesign is onto his third startup. The first, www.freshlimemedia.in is a successful e-learning service provider to companies like Bharti Airtel, Genpact, DesiCrew, EXL, Luftansa, Tag Heuer, and many more. The second is a patented medical device that evinced the interest of Johnson & Johnson. Traveller Kids is his third startup.

Amrit Hinduja is a business consultant by profession with a management background from Bangalore. He also comes with a global experience in sustainability with Sweden as the focus. With the belief that you get only to give back, he has been part of several initiatives in different capacities and hopes to continue to be an instrument of positive change.

Apurva Utkarsh is a student at the Central University of Jharkhand, Ranchi. He is an active member of the University's Students’ Guild- Sparsh and Project Manager of the environmental society of CUJ Amby Green which works on environment awareness and making people more responsive towards it.

Kapil Sharma is a Visual Artist and Graphic Designer. He hails from a lineage of Rajasthani miniature artists where he is the 6th generation artist. He follows in the tradition but has a unique twist that sets him apart from his peers. His ability to blend traditional art styles with modern technology and production techniques allows him to create unique pieces and set his work in original spaces. He is an alumni from National Institute of Design specializing in graphic design for print, photography and motion. His aesthetic seamlessly switches between traditional and contemporary media. He is the founder and creative director at 'Studiofunc'. He has worked for big names in industry in India and Abroad.

Savio Rodrigues currently holds the position of managing partner of Kaydence Media Ventures (KMV). In addition he is also the Editor-in-Chief of GoaChronicle.com (a KMV product). Known for his passion for journalism with a distinct edge in hardcore and document/video based investigations, he has taken up serious issues on human right violations and corruption in Goa.

Richa Pant has done her Masters in Social work from University of Delhi and has more than 8 years of work experience in the development sector, where she has managed corporate social responsibility projects. She has keen interest in women and children related issues. At present she leads the CSR initiative for Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd and is based out of Mumbai.

Harshit Ratan is currently working as a In House Legal Counsel with the UB Group. He has been associated with Rotary International and assists his parents in running a school for the under privileged students in tribal area of Ranchi. Harshit is passionate about researching on various socio-legal issues and opines on several public platforms.

Dr. Rajaram is an engineering from IIT Kharagpur and a PHD from BITS, Pilani. He is the co-founder of Kriti Labs (Chennai), Expert Software Consultants (Delhi) and Local Community Exchange Empowerment Trust, Chennai. Dr. Rajaram is also the winner of two Innocentive awards for providing innovative technology solutions. He began his career as a Research Scientist at TIFR, Mumbai and Ministry of Information Technology, New Delhi.

Massoma Ali is a graduate student, in physics, on a year long break before she resumes doctoral studies. She lives in Hyderabad and divides her time working on a research project at Raman Research Institute, Bangalore and with Yardstick Educational Initiatives Pvt Ltd, a company aiming to make learning science fun for school children. Besides physics, she is passionate about promoting women's welfare and communal harmony and endeavours to contribute towards each through volunteering.