How Can I Contribute?

SAFECITY is a platform that will only be meaningful if more and more people PIN THE CREEPS! We need you to spread the word and suggest ways to improve this.

Spread the Word

TWITTER - Pin the Creep if he harasses you @pinthecreep with the hashtag/s #pinthecreep #safecity

FACEBOOK Come and like our facebook site - safecity, create discussions and help spread the word.

Print the flyer and keep at the local shops/ parlors/ where other girls are more likely to pick it up

PIN PIN PIN the more you pin on, the more data there will be.

Check the website for hotspots. You can be ambassadors and create awareness amongst your friends or people you know from the hotspot areas.

Sign up for Alerts of areas that are unsafe. Enter the location that you are interested in on the "Get Alerts" tab.