Gender Mela


With several rounds of preparations, Safecity finally concluded The gender Mela with its partner organisation Action India which was conducted in Sanjay Camp, but was welcomed with open arms by not just the families of Sanjay Camp but also with the members of Dakshinpuri. 

The idea behind holding a Gender Mela was to join hands in solidarity, with not just organisations who participated and provided us with support, but also with the   members of these two communities to understand and take charge of issues pertinent in their areas, to make them violence free, just and equal for all. 

The Mela had different stalls on vast issues – Safe Spaces(Safecity), Know your rights, Career Counselling, Menstrual Health, One Billion Rising and Sustainable Development Goals. 


The objective was to create that common space to talk about the issues and understanding the deeply embedded roles and stereotypes, to sensitively consider one’s own actions in daily lives to counterfeit the same.


Each stall was coordinated and facilitated by our Youth Volunteers from Sanjay Camp and Dakshinpuri, taking this opportunity to initiate conversations about topics which have been considered as a taboo with members of their own communities about issues that affect them and their growth. This als
o ensures empowerment of these youngsters, after all, they are the future of change. 















Despite the rains, the Gender Mela was a possibility turned into reality only with the energy, belief and enthusiasm of these youngsters, who were struggling but with no reason to give up to make this event happen. This in itself implies how much this Mela was felt like a much needed affair by the young minds, which had to happen , even when the nature seemed to be not in favour of the same .


The Gender Mela was a successful event and witnessed a great outreach, with people from all age groups and gender participating in the same during the entire event. 




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