How can I contribute?

You can contribute in many ways:Blog_web

Reporting and sharing all experiences of harassment and abuse on Safecity. The more people pin their experiences, the more hotspots are created and the more useful the site will be. Please share your experiences on:

  1. TWITTER – Pin the Creep if he harasses you @pinthecreep with the hashtag/s #pinthecreep #safecity
  2. FACEBOOK – Come and like our facebook site – safecity, create discussions and help spread the word.
  3. PINPINPIN – the more you pin on , the more data there will be.
  4. Check the website for hotspots. You can be ambassadors and create awareness amongst your friends or people you know from the hotspot areas.
  5. Sign up for ALERTS of the area/location you are interested in. If there are pins/reports logged, you will get an email.
  6. Write about your experiences on our blog

Spreading awareness about Safecity.

  1. Download and print our marketing promotional materials and place as inserts in the newspapers in your locality. You can then watch out for trends that are specific to your area.
  2. Place our posters on notice boards of schools, colleges, universities, large residential areas, churches, etc.


  1. We need assistance with inputs for our blog. Please send in articles that are relevant to safety, harassment, abuse, gender violence and which is specific to India.
  2. We need volunteers who can spear head our “feet on the ground” campaign “Safecity Sundays” where we will meet with likeminded individuals and use data reported on the site to make our cities safer.
  3. This is a complete volunteer initiative and we welcome ideas to spread the word, create awareness and work towards making our cities safer.


  1. You can partner with us to spread the word amongst your employees by putting up our poster on your notice board as well as on your intranet.
  2. We can conduct a “sensitisation workshop” for your employees on gender safety and Safecity.


  1. You can partner with us to be your online presence in reporting of gender violence.

You may get in touch with us at