Speak Up. Stand Up.

"Young men need to socialize in such a way that rape is as unthinkable to them as cannibalism"

Mary Pipher

We sincerely believe that not all men want to harass women. We have a bunch of young men who have been part of our campaigns and are committed to making surroundings safe for everyone. Over workshops with young men and research on this subject, we have found that young men often think they are giving a girl a compliment when they whistle at her or make a pass. Sometimes they do it under peer pressure not fully understanding how their actions may harm someone. Maybe it a compliment, but if it makes her uncomfortable, it is harassment. And to find a solution to end harassment, young boys have to be brought into the conversation. We have a series of workshops to engage young men and have conversations with them to understand their perspective, share new ideas and ways to interact, educate them on when it becomes harassment. Some workshops are 30 min and some longer about 90 minutes. All workshops in this category are led by young men. The workshops also train young men on how to deal with each other and be part of a solution without putting themselves in harms way. If you are a young man and would like to volunteer to facilitate these workshops, do share your details with us.

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