Safecity’s Session at Jamia Milia Islamia University

Rahat Sharma is a final year Law student who is an ardent believer that every dark cloud has a silver lining. Through her words, she continues to pursue the same and is determined to bring about the change awaited.

Safecity’s Session at Jamia Milia Islamia University

On 10th March 2017, Safecity organised a session with some International Students who were on an educational visit to India. The students, who were invited by the Jamia Milia Islamia University’s Social Works Department, seemed intrigued once they learned about the goal behind Safecity. After a brief on the objective of our organisation, a practical way of what was virtually done was shown to the students. A map of Delhi was pinned on the board and then the team using red pins (for unsafe zones) and green pins (for safe zones) showed the process. Since the students had visited various marketplaces of Delhi during their trip, we invited them to pin the creeps using red pins, if any. They loved the activity and it enabled them to understand better as to how the work was carried out by Safecity. Subsequently, the volunteers conducted a rapid-fire with the following questions and answers:









Q1. What is Safety for you?

A. Feeling comfortable/protected.  Safety is HOME.


Q2. Who do you feel safe with?

A. When I’m with more than one person.


Q3. Which colour depicts Safety for you?

A. Green


Q4. Are clothes and safety related?

A. Yes, I feel more secure when I wear a jacket as I feel covered and less exposed.


Q5. Does time have to do anything with Safety?

A. Yes, darkness makes one feel less safe.


Q6. Do you feel unsafe on social media?

A. Yes, with the option of sharing locations now, one feels unsafe.


Q7. Do you feel comfortable talking about Sexual Harassment with your parents?

A. Sometimes


Q8. Do boys feel unsafe too?

A. Yes

Time and again, we fail to stop for a moment and introspect. This activity was performed with an intention to do what we have been neglecting. Answering these questions made us realise what all exists and what all needed to be changed. For instance, the present situation of our society which doesn’t allow a woman to feel safe unless they’re with someone or the fact that women are still not comfortable to step out at night. All our thoughts exist due to the predetermined beliefs and the state of our society. And we’ve been silent for too long. This session was all about educating everyone about the same. Following this interactive activity, we were already one step closer to breaking the silence. In the end, along with the positive feedback from the students, our task to incorporate a spirit of fighting the old and building the new was certainly incorporated. Here’s hoping that the next time they visit us, our mission for a safer and better city would have been achieved.


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