Safecity conducts workshops to create awareness about gender, safety and the law. Some of the workshops we conduct are:-

  1. Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse- Children’s Workshop
  2. Understanding the Prevention of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act- Parents’ Workshop
  3. Prevention of Sexual Violence on Campus- Youth Workshop
  4. Healthy relationships- Youth Workshop
  5. Body image and stereotypes- Youth Workshop
  6. Gender-sensitivity and Awareness Workshop in Colleges
  7. Awareness about laws related to sexual harassment, Indian Penal Code (IPC) and FIR
  8. Awareness about Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at the Workplace (POSH) at Corporates
  9. Awareness about Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) at Corporates
  10. Awareness about Cyber-bullying


Get in touch with us at if you’d like us to conduct a workshop in your school, college or workplace.

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    ElsaMarie DSilva

    Hi Raghda, you can blog with us, participate in tweetchats, conduct audits of your area and try to get reports. You can download our app and find more features too.



I would like if you guys support me to conduct a workshop in corporate. I am emphasizing on this because the girls who are well educated, trying to be independent could not raise their voice against sexual harassment in the workplace. They are getting oppressed, in fact shit scared to raise their voice. I don’t want to be specific but i observed many of the middle aged guys, who are in the superior levels are taking advantage of their position and trying to prey on girls, ask for sexual favors without their consent nonetheless they continue doing it. They play safe, wouldn’t leave any proof and know the loop holes in the organization. So even if we muster our courage and try to speak up nobody believes because everyone is under the impression that the guy is too polite to involve in any sort of sexual abuse/harassment. We couldn’t scream harder, our voice is just going into void. If we raise a voice we will be damned, if we don’t we will be damned. This is happening either ways.

Out of all the worst things, the guy still is right in front of our eyes smirking at us, gazing at us, bossing us around, cornering us. This couldn’t get any worse. We don’t want to go to office for all of this, do we? We go to office to work, to have fun with our friends, get inspired by their stories and their will to create/do something great but in this succumbed environment people are getting broken inside-out, instead of creative ideas our minds are filled with gloom like dark summer. If something goes wrong people might end their life.

And I as a Women don’t want to see these things happening to my friends, colleagues, any other Women. As sexual abuse/harassment itself is having too much of impact, i couldn’t even imagine about sexual assault. A huge shout out to girls who survived it, who is trying to make a difference. You are all we need.

How would i have to proceed to get your support in conducting a workshop at corporate? Please revert back.

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