My tryst with Oslo!

Jyotsna Kalra is Safecity’s Head Volunteer in Delhi who has actively designed campaigns and activities with our volunteers and youth bodies for safe public spaces in the capital city. She represented Safecity at the Telenor Youth Summit held in Oslo in Decemeber 2014. My [...]Read more


Nidhisha- “I am a soul on fire, a warrior at peace, and a burning light that won’t fade away.” Nidhisha is a blogger volunteering with Safecity, she is an active contributor to ‘The Writer’s Movement.’ Darkness I check the time; it’s 6 in the evening. Ashni should be here to pick [...]Read more


Naina Jha is a PR Professional and a travel hog, who loves to explore. She loves music, dance and sports. She has a keen interest in social work and has worked with an NGO for 5 years. She is actively working on the state of education in slums.   Naina is a part of The […]Read more

Stop staring at me!

Jessica uses a beautiful word to describe herself- iridescent. Jessica is an active blogger and is volunteering with Safecity as a blogger. A student by the hours, she is passionate and ferocious in her writing on several issues that plague gender and our society.  Stop staring [...]Read more

Is the system in place to deal with molestation?

Molestation-is the system in place? The social services that are involved in dealing with a case of molestation are largely provided by the government.  The most important service in this case is law enforcement, along with judiciary. These services are supposed to work together [...]Read more
Molestation; a(part) of our lives   Molestation, in India, is something that occurs on a daily-basis; it inhibits and intimidates us . It’s one of the most frequent crimes and the conviction rates remain low as ever. To raise an alarm, statistics say that most cases of [...]Read more

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