Sreemay Rath is a writer based out of Mumbai, currently a student of Humanities in the Navy Children School, Mumbai. He has written and published a short length novel and two books of poems compiled by him.  His poems have been recently selected for publication by Blue Rose Publishers. He received a regional award from Kartikey Sarabhai (Son of Vikram Sarabhai) for his presentation on the sustainable development of the ecosystem.


Narrow is your mind
Not the size of her dress

Lewd your thoughts are
Stop telling her how to dress

Who are you to hold her wings?
Rein back her from soaring

Why those clock needles
Telling her not to go out?

Oh! Stop fearing from
The cowards wearing demon crown
Hiding in the crowd
It’s “HER” time to answer back loud.

Opinions are of the poet.


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